I see the ultimate goal, I struggle with the small steps to get me there. 

I want to find the courage to "face my fears" and learn to swim.  I want to have new experiences to share with family and friends.

I feel awkward in social situations.  I feel uncomfortable in business circles and meetings.  

I'm a harsh judge of myself.  I'm a harsh judge of others.  

I'm working as a technical expert in a corporate setting and want to take steps to transfer to leadership

I'm facing retirement and want to find my next life path by discovering my real passion in life.

I'm an officer on a dysfunctional corporate board.   

I sit on a board that lacks a vision or common goal and am frustrated.

A busy entrepreneur who needs to develop stress management skills, improve focus and achieve multiple goals strategically

An entry level manager who needs to develop enhanced listening and team building skills

a career change

to face fear

to increase  productivity

help with communications

to live their best life

help with well-being

to plot a path forward

to transition to a new chapter of life

to enhance leadership skills

strategic leadership & management skills

A person who needs...


Linda May
Life Coach

Lauren Brand
Leadership Coach

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