As a young mother, she began on a diverse career path of constant achievement. From selling farm equipment in the mid-west; to serving in executive support roles in insurance, homebuilders and the cruise industries; to overseeing multi-million-dollar budgets and supervising over 100 employees; to serving as CEO of a railroad operations company, “Next Level” is at the top of Linda’s resume.
Linda's industrious work ethic and personal drive led her to start several prosperous businesses, including a consulting company, a tour company and a currently active wedding business where she and her team have married well over a thousand couples since starting in 1984.
Linda’s experience in logistics, financials, project management and supervision enable her to make a holistic evaluation of any project or situation. She has the innate ability to identify challenges and opportunities. Her ability to intently listen with her heart, observe with her direct eye contact, and extract details makes her good at providing productive feedback and realistic next steps.
This applies to her volunteer and philanthropic roles as well. Linda has a compassionate history of mentoring young women helping them thrive both personally and professionally. She is also passionate about serving on a few select non-profit boards that align with her beliefs. Her selfless involvement has had an immeasurable positive impact in her community through her decades of service. 
Entrepreneur, Professional, Administrator, Mentor, Facilitator, Community Leader, Wife, Mother, Grandmother. No matter what her role, Linda easily finds fulfillment in developing relationships with individuals. Her skillset, created by her many positions held in life, has developed her ability to problem solve and create positive changes for herself and those she encounters. All of these accomplishments position Linda well to coach others to the Next Level.

Linda May is based out of Merritt Island, Florida. 

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Linda May

Life Coach